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Chapter 92

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The welcome banquet for the Tierra delegation was quickly prepared.

“Is there any discomfort?”

Stella asked, putting the dress on.

“It’s okay.”

I replied with a smile. Still, it was awkward being attended to by Stella, and I couldn’t keep being uncomfortable either. Every time that happened, I could see her getting more nervous and watching me.

‘…I should get used to this, too.’

I was thinking of helping Stella live freely once Declan’s death flags went away.

I gazed at my unfamiliar figure that reflected in the mirror.

The dress I was wearing now was made by Declan’s exclusive designer, Allen. When he saw me for the first time, his eyes shook greatly, but like a tyrant’s exclusive designer, he quickly captured his expression and was faithful to his role.

The dress he made was an empire silhouette with additional pure white to emphasize the sacredness. The silk dress was covered with beautifully embroidered chiffon, which fluttered like fairy wings whenever I moved.

“Wow… you are so beautiful.”

Stella smiled happily at me.

Because of that, my face naturally turned red at the praise of a beauty who looked best in pure white than anyone else.

“It will be clear to the nobles today that the Savior is the representative of God and the fiancé of the Emperor.”

It was strange to see her, who was always timid, utter that with a firm look.

“Are you the Stella I know?”

“It’s because I am with the Savior that I’m not afraid of anything now.”

Stella replied with a shy smile.

“I know because I experienced it though if I showed a weak side once, they would keep ignoring me.”

Her words showed how much she was ignored and coldly treated in the Kingdom.

“The Savior is more noble than anyone else, so I should be confident.”

“Thank you. I’ll make sure to hold them down so no one can ignore you.”

As I winked at her, Stella smiled softly.

Knock, knock.

The next moment, Declan entered with a knock on the door. With his hair neatly slicked back, he was more dazzling than ever.

“Your Majesty, you are very handsome.”

Even as I approached quickly, Declan was so dazed that he just stood there and blinked slowly.

“Your Majesty…?”

As I waved my hand in front of his face, his eyes returned to focus.

“Ah… This is why I don’t want to introduce you.”

I glanced at my clothes, growing my eyebrows in trouble at his words.

‘…Where did I do wrong?’

While I was deep in thought, Declan wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me before he continued his words.

“You’re so beautiful that even I can’t take my eyes off you. Other people will go crazy.”

After belatedly understanding his meaning, my cheeks blushed.

“Am I really pretty?”

“Yes, to the point where I don’t want to let go of you like this.”

Declan whispered softly and kissed my cheek.

“Hmm, but one thing is missing.”

I’ve had my hair and makeup done, and I also got my dress on already… So, what was lacking? As I thought so to myself, bewildered, Declan led me in front of the mirror. He then gently brushed my collarbone.

“You forgot the most important thing.”

When he beckoned, Noah brought a luxurious package. There, exquisitely crafted diamond necklaces and earrings were shining brilliantly.


“If you wear a dress, you should also have matching accessories.”

Saying so, he took out a necklace and earrings and put them on me himself. I watched, bewitched by the group of lights that shimmered colorfully according to their movements.

“…It’s really pretty.”

It seemed like I was dreaming, but I felt that I was really in another world.

“It suits you well. I was disappointed every time, but now I can see you wearing it properly.”

Declan, who was tidying up the necklace with a proud look, suddenly put his lips close to my ear.

“I wish it was just the two of us.”

When he whispered softly and bit my ear, like marking one’s own, I lowered my head at the strange skinship and a clear laugh came from above my head.

‘He’s so mean. It’s embarrassing.’

I felt like I was being teased, so I wanted to at least roll my eyes at him. Still, I couldn’t stop my face from blushing.

“Are you feeling a little relaxed?”

Declan carefully cupped my face and met my eyes.

In fact, I cheerfully spoke to Stella though it wasn’t without tension. I was worried about what would happen if the nobles objected to the engagement, and I was honestly worried about how Duke Otien and Jennifer would act.

“You don’t have to worry. I’ll always be by your side.”

He soothed me with his soft eyes.

“Besides, isn’t God on your side, too?”

I laughed when he, who had not believed in God until recently, said that.

‘Yes. The God of this world is on my side, so what can I be afraid of?’

When I nodded with a lighter heart, he kissed me on the forehead.

“Shall we go, Lady?”

At those words, I put my hand on the arm he was extending for an escort.

It was time to announce myself to the world.

* * *

Arriving at the banquet hall, people gathered in small groups and whispered about the most controversial issues.

“Is it true that His Majesty brought Princess Este into the main palace?”

“It is. Not one or two people have seen luggage being moved from the annex to the Main Palace.”

“Certainly, she is trying to make that Princess the Empress…”


One of the groups who were talking burst into anger.

“A hostage, but the empress? It’s nonsense.”

Everyone around him agreed with his opinion.

“Still, isn’t this an opportunity?”

Someone lowered his voice and spoke up.

“What do you mean?”

“Doesn’t the fact that His Majesty began to keep a lady close to him also give us a chance?”

The nobles’ faces, who had daughters, brightened. With greed and anticipation on their faces, each of them began to nod their heads. Meanwhile, Duke Otien, who was quietly listening to the stories around him, smiled.

At that moment, the sound of the trumpet announcing the attendees was heard.

“Prince Caleb Medicis and Princess Jennifer Medicis of Tierra Kingdom.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the door at the attendant’s call.

Two people with the same red hair and black eyes proudly entered. Jennifer walked in with more flamboyance than ever before.

Seeing them, people started whispering again.

“Then, what about Princess Medisis?”

“What, isn’t she hopeless?”

“Well. Since she has already earned His Majesty’s wrath, it was a relief that she still lived.”

“If the marriage alliance went well, the war with Tierra could have been prevented.”

Someone sighed as they said so.

At the same time, Jennifer’s face contorted as she heard the nobles’ whispers, although she quickly returned to a smiling face.

“Never mind that, Jenny. Neither the Emperor nor the Empire deserves you.”

Caleb looked at Jennifer and tried to calm her down. He had been keeping an eye on her for the past few days because he hadn’t fulfilled her request to set up a meeting with the Emperor.

“Isn’t that rather a good thing? If you come to a place this far away, it will only be painful and lonely.”

She smiled broadly and spoke kindly.

“Are you worried about me? As expected, brother is the best.”

“Don’t be too upset. Brother will find the best groom for you.”

Jennifer smiled at Caleb, laughing inside.

‘The best groom than the Emperor. There’s no way something like that could exist.’

Now that this had happened… At this banquet, the spell had to be finalized, and a decision had to be made.

Once inside the hall, she quickly glanced around.

‘Where is that b*tch? Isn’t she behind me on the hostage issue?’

However, no matter how much she searched, Princess Este was nowhere to be found.

‘No way, together with the Emperor…?’

With the Emperor’s prestige, he would not bring hostages to the delegation’s celebratory banquet. If Stella entered with the Emperor, Jennnifer would surely kill her.

“When is His Majesty coming?”

“He seems to be a little late today.”

“Even Princess Este hadn’t come.”

“She’s not even worth considering.”

The person who brought up the story about Stella was embarrassed as some of them dismissed it.

However, everyone glanced at the door with curious eyes. At that time, along with the sound of the trumpet announcing the Emperor’s arrival, the cries of the attendant came.

“The sun of Burgundy, His Majesty the Emperor, enters.”

The second-floor door opened, and Declan appeared.

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