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CH 133.2

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Lu Yue was going to pick up her luggage, so Liu Li took Shen Yuanye and walked from the front, saying on the way: “It seems that the news in the industry is true, Chen Mingxuan has an explosive personality.”

Shen Yuanye asked: “Explosive?”

“Explosive is also a bit inappropriate. It should be that she seeks revenge for the smallest grievance.” Liu Li said, and then lowered her voice to tell her something.

When Chen Mingxuan’s first drama became popular, she received the role of the heroine of a new drama. However, before filming started, she was cut off by an actress who was brought in by an investor.

The actress also said at the time: “Don’t think that because one of your dramas becomes popular, you are so awesome. Look here, you still have to be my supporting actress, you will not have the life to be popular in the future!”


Chen Mingxuan directly withdrew from the drama, did not act at all, and rejected the director’s invitation as a female supporting role.

Just a month after this incident, another suppressed drama was broadcasted. After a few episodes, it reached the top of the ratings list, and the finale even broke records.

On the other hand, the other actress’s drama did not have many good ratings, and there wasn’t much of a splash(TLN: not many people knew about the drama).

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As an artist, just worry about yourself and don’t stir up trouble.


That was why she liked Shen Yuanye very much. Although she didn’t know what was going on in that police station, she had something to do with the authorities, basically there was only good and no bad.

Liu Li didn’t stop her.

For this model who came here because of Zhang Wentao’s recommendation, she felt that she was very lucky to be able to be Shen Yuanye’s agent. Her popularity skyrocketed so much in just a year.

Which domestic model went from a small unknown model to a model participating in international fashion weeks in just a year?

Besides Zhou Lu, Shen Yuanye was the first one.

As an agent, she often received news from other agents in the company during this period. They also had models under them, and they were all asking for experience.

It was already getting dark outside the airport.

Liu Li said: “I’m going to the company, you go back to rest now, I’ll ask Lu Yue to take you back first. Make sure to get a good rest for these two days, the endorsement hasn’t arrived yet.”

Shen Yuanye agreed, “Okay.”

Considering that Jiang Pan and the others might be off work currently, she didn’t want to disturb them. She decided to go and have a look tomorrow morning, they would definitely be at work then.

Lu Yue also took out the luggage and drove back to the apartment.

Shen Yuanye was alone with Lu Yue again, and suddenly thought of the blank period that Sun Ai mentioned last time. She became even more curious about Lu Yue’s background and motives.


Why did she come to her?

She pretended to be unintentional and casually asked: “Lu Yue, did you stay in Beijing for elementary school, middle and high school?”

Lu Yue glanced at Shen Yuanye from the rearview mirror, and then replied: “No, I went to school in the south, and returned to Beijing for university.”

Shen Yuanye let out an “Oh” and asked again: “Is there any difference between schools in the south and those in the north? I’ve never lived in the south before.”

This was true, she grew up in Beijing, the schools she attended were all in Beijing, and she had never been out of Beijing.

After becoming a model, she often went out, but she still had never been to the south. All the things Liu Li answered were similar to Beijing.

“Winter in the south is still very cold, you need to be fully armed when you go out.” Lu Yue only said two simple sentences: “There is no difference for anything else.”

She originally had a cold temper, and she never spoke much, she was quite reserved.

Even so, Shen Yuanye never expected that she would only say so much.

According to her guess, at least something specific should be mentioned. However it turned out that this common point was knowledge that anyone who was active on  Weibo knew.

She didn’t know if she became suspicious of her, or if it was the truth.

Where exactly was Lu Yue in middle and high school? What kinds of things had she experienced, why did she return to Beijing for university and work as an assistant by her side?

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