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CEO, Don't Be Aloof

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CEO, Don't Be Aloof

Fiance another love, father was killed in prison, died without reason, brother accident car accident, bones do not exist, mother can not be stimulated, heart attack, her world, from now on collapse. Trapped in a desperate situation, she found on the control of the capital economic lifeline of the dark Emperor. Hearsay he bloodthirsty ruthless, arrogant, arrogant, but only she knows, he is so strong...... Shameless. When she couldn't satisfy him in any position, she burst out, "Sith che, you are an animal." But someone was moving harder. "I'm not a beast," he said. "How can I put the lady's crime into practice?" She finally understood what it meant to come out of her mouth, especially when he was "beastly" all night. The request in writing and is not easy, friends to support the original subscription ~ 】 【 if prepaid phone, and other problems, please contact customer service girl, qq: 2056403671] [website support qq,., weibo login, trouble you to chase the book under the bai, conveniently see again next time."

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