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Chapter 3370 - Chapter 444 - New Eternal Night

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Chapter 3370 - Chapter 444 - New Eternal Night

Chapter 444 – New Eternal Night

Pharos Town, Collet Hotel:

As space in the room started to become unfrozen, Shi Feng’s mind also started to become active again. Then, it took a few more minutes before he regained the ability to move his body normally.

Is this the evolved Eternal Night?

When Shi Feng saw the dark-blue longsword with silver engravings floating in front of him, he couldn’t help but be amazed.


Weapons and equipment that could evolve weren’t particularly rare in God’s Domain. A typical example would be Magic Weapons, which could be continuously improved by absorbing other weapons. It was even possible to nurture a Magic Weapon up to the Legendary rank.

However, Magic Weapons came with massive disadvantages. Not only would each subsequent upgrade cost more and more resources, but each upgrade would also increase the strength of the backlash users would suffer. Meanwhile, once players failed to cope with the backlash of a Magic Weapon, the Magic Weapon would devour them, and they would have to start a new account.

Meanwhile, Magic Weapons would usually cause a huge commotion when getting upgraded. However, those commotions were nothing compared to the commotion the Winter of Eternal Night’s evolution caused.

It should be known that even when a Magic Weapon was being upgraded to the Legendary rank, it could, at most, cause Tier 4 players to shudder or become incapable of movement. However, the Winter of Eternal Night’s evolution froze the surrounding space. Moreover, even with his Concentration at the Tier 6 Basic standard, Shi Feng’s thoughts had become sluggish under this freezing effect.

After seeing the brand new Winter of Eternal Night, Shi Feng quickly clicked on the longsword to check its stats.

[Winter of Eternal Night] (One-handed Sword, Fragmented Legendary Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 5,000, Tier 3

Attack Power (370% of Strength)

Attack Speed (4% of Agility)

All Attributes (Increases according to the user’s level)

When equipped:

Attacks gain the Extreme Frost effect, inflicting the Freezing effect within a 10*50 yard area of the attack;

Attacks have a 40% chance to deal 500% damage and weaken the effectiveness of all Mana and Holy defenses by 40%;

Strength increased by 100%, Agility increased by 90%, Intelligence increased by 60%, Endurance increased by 90%, Attack Speed increased by 60%;

Ignore Levels +60;

Effect of all Sword-type Skills improved by 100%;

All Sword-type Skills will be strengthened by Holy Power;

Effect of Mana increased by 100%.

Additional Passive Skill 1: Winter’s Body. Winter of Eternal Night will absorb its user’s Mana to strengthen its user’s physique. The higher the Mana’s quality, the greater the improvements. Improvement limited at 150%.

Additional Passive Skill 2: Holy Power Destruction. Achieve a destructive effect against all forms of Holy Power.

Additional Active Skill 1: Radiant Night (Tier 5). Adds the power of erosion to all of the user’s attacks and forcibly increases the user’s attack by one tier (up to Tier 6 Peak).

Duration: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 20 minutes

Additional Active Skill 2: World of Frost (Tier 5). Casts the shadow of a world around the user, enveloping an area of a 1,000-yard radius. The user may summon up to 21 frost swords within the enveloped area. Each frost sword will carry 150% of the user’s Strength.

Duration: 5 minutes

Cooldown: 1 hour

Additional Active Skill 3: Holy Mana’s Shadow. Use a combination of Holy Power and Mana to reconstruct the user’s body.

Duration: 10 minutes

Cooldown: 1 natural day

Additional Profound Inheritance 1: Formless Sword. Converts any object into a temporary sword. The quality of the sword created depends on the object used and the magic array constructed by the user.

Duration: 1 hour

Cooldown: 1 natural day

Additional Profound Inheritance 2: World Sword. Devour World Sources to evolve.

The Primordial God of Thunder’s final creation that has absorbed a main branch from the Holy Tree. The Winter of Eternal Night holds the power source of a Primordial God, and it is capable of freezing all things.

What astonishing stats.

Shi Feng was stunned. The evolved Winter of Eternal Night might not provide as many Basic Attributes as the average Legendary Weapon, but the abilities that came with the weapon were simply incredible.

The ability to use Holy Power had always been unique to the Holy Race. During his previous life, no matter how excellent humans were at crafting weapons, even the Legendary Weapons they crafted could not add Holy Power to their attacks. It was similar to how weapons crafted by the Holy Race could not add mana to their attacks.

Yet, now, not only could the Winter of Eternal Night add Holy Power to the user’s attacks, but it could also weaken Holy Power defenses. Moreover, it could even destroy the Holy Power it came into contact with. With these effects, the Winter of Eternal Night could cause frightening damage to both monsters with Holy Power protection and Holy Race players. Not even Legendary Weapons could compete with the Winter of Eternal Night in these regards.

When Shi Feng gripped the Winter of Eternal Night, he could feel an indescribable power slowly spread across the surface of his body, forming an invisible layer of clothing around him.

When Shi Feng tried to swing the Winter of Eternal Night, the defensive magic array protecting the room instantly turned freezing cold, the cold air the magic array radiated causing the space in the room to turn a little sluggish. A second later, a crack formed on the defensive magic array.

This destructive power! It’s as if I am already wielding a Legendary Weapon! Shi Feng’s eyes glowed when he saw the cracked barrier in the room.

The hotel’s defensive magic arrays could stop even Tier 5 attacks with ease. If a Tier 5 expert wielding a Fragmented Legendary Weapon did not use an Absolute Technique or a Tier 5 Curse or Taboo Skill, they wouldn’t be able to cause any visible damage to the hotel’s defensive magic arrays.

Yet, now, with just a simple swing of the Winter of Eternal Night, he had managed to cause visible damage to the room’s defensive magic array. The standard of his destructive power was probably close to reaching the Tier 6 threshold already.

While Shi Feng was immersed in the joy of the Winter of Eternal Night’s evolution, he suddenly received a call request. When he answered the call, Desolate Fury’s face immediately appeared before him.

“How are you doing, Brother Black Flame?” Desolate Fury excitedly asked. “How about joining the three of us in exploring the Great Beast Forest?”

“Have all three of you proceeded to Tier 5 already?” Shi Feng asked, feeling a little surprised to see that Desolate Fury had risen to Tier 5 already.

As for the Great Beast Forest mentioned by Desolate Fury, it was a Level 145-plus map. With monsters having the protection of Holy Power, it simply wasn’t a place where Tier 4 parties could roam. If players wished to explore the map, they’d need to go in with a party of Tier 5 players.

“Mhm. Now that the Holy World has evolved into the Eternal Realm, we decided to stop staying at Tier 4,” Desolate Fury said, nodding. “We were also confident in creating a Tier 5 Epic Mana Body thanks to our harvests in the Holy World, so there was no point delaying our promotion any longer.”

Shi Feng agreed with the decision of Desolate Fury and the others.

The current Eternal Realm had already become the focus of the entire Greater God’s Domain. It would even become an existence akin to the Twelve Sanctuaries in the future. So, unless Desolate Fury and the others didn’t wish to benefit from the Eternal Realm, it wouldn’t be a wise decision for them to continue staying at Tier 4. It was especially so when they could already create a Tier 5 Epic Mana Body.

“How about it? Do you want to go with us?” Desolate Fury eagerly asked.

“I still have many things to do here, so I can’t go exploring with you right now,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

Once the Holy Race made their existence known, Earthen Magic Flowers weren’t the only items that would see their value skyrocket. Magic barriers that could block Holy Power would also become very popular as they could achieve miraculous effects against Holy Race players.

Meanwhile, the scrolls for this magic barrier didn’t require any exotic materials to create. Instead, their production mainly needed Mana Stones, and even Grandmaster Magicians could easily produce them. The only troublesome part was securing the design.

The design for the magic barrier in question wasn’t obtained from killing monsters or clearing Dungeons. During Shi Feng’s previous life, the magic barrier was created through the joint effort of multiple Great Grandmaster Magicians.

Fortunately, Shi Feng had learned the design for this magic barrier during his previous life. Now that he was a Great Grandmaster Magician, it shouldn’t be too difficult to reproduce the magic barrier without the design.

If Shi Feng wanted a place in the future Eternal Realm, he would need a lot of funds. Meanwhile, the best opportunity to make money would be immediately after the Holy Race’s invasion began. If he missed this opportunity, it was unlikely he would get another one.

“By the way, if you are going to the Great Beast Forest, it’s best if you buy some Holy Power Bottles from a grocery store. They’ll be of great help to you,” Shi Feng reminded.

“Okay. Make sure to contact us if you change your mind,” Desolate Fury said, sighing in mild disappointment.

Afterward, Shi Feng began trying to replicate the magic barrier from his previous life in the Collet Hotel. Time also quickly passed while he was trying to do so, and it was already bright outside before he realized it.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

“This is…”

Looking at the call request before him, Shi Feng saw a somewhat unfamiliar name.

Unrestrained Lionheart!

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